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OGCOP "Open and Globular Cluster Observation Program"

OGCOP "Open and Globular Clusters Observation Program" is a project of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Department of the TS Corporation Srl. The project was born in 2014, and plans to use clusters as cosmic laboratories. Through the mapping and analysis of globular and open clusters surrounding our galaxy is determined and update parameters (number of stellar population belonging, chemical composition, age and distance) of the same in order to better understand the nature and the evolution.

To collect as many image and data as possible, we excluded objects with low orbit respect to the line of observation.The range of maximum brightness of our preliminary sample allows the possibility of small telescopes with apertures from 20 - 200 cm equipped with a CCD camera for low-end and at least the U, B, V, R, and I filter set. This equipment allows us to extend the observation network for amateur astronomers well equipped.
The preliminary target list is given in this paper.

The results are expected to have a crucial impact on several areas of modern Astrophysics and Physics research, ranging from the evolution of cluster structures. The observations within the project promise additional useful science such as:

The Principal Investigators of the project are Diego Tasselli and Manuela Stanca of the Physics and Astronomy Department of the TS Corporation Srl Unipersonale.

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